Wednesday, May 25, 2011

To purrr is human

          However unusual it may sound, but what has been annoying the sense of smelling for ages is a bad FART. Technically speaking, Farting is a biological phenomenon but when biology meets sociology, it brings embarrassment to the giver and the receiver.

          Every phenomenon has a cause and an effect. The causes are the eating habits and of course the nature’s call. To attend or not to attend lies with the justification of the individual. Whatever be the causes, the effects are devastating:

• When a child does it, it sounds cute.

• When an old person does it, it seems obvious.

• When a man does it, it brings embarrassment.

• When a woman does it, it becomes a BREAKING NEWS!

          Imagine the irony of the situation I had to face a few days back. I entered into a gift shop to buy a perfume and as I opened my lips to ask for the brand of the perfume, my nostrils shrunk. It took me no time to understand that already someone has done damage to the environment. The foul air was all around me! No wonder the shopkeeper was expressionless! The fact was more embarrassing that we both knew what has happened there and what made me to leave the shop in a flash.

          The encounter with “that” WMD (weapon of mass destruction) made me think deeper into that very serious crime. As any intellectual would have done, I came up with some queries, observations and suggestions.


          Why is science so quite about this phenomenon? Someone should invent a Scale to measure the gas of its ability to spoil the environment. For Ex. 2m/cubic mm (2 men killed by 1 cubic millimetre of a Fart).


• A friend of mine shared this with me. “Success is like Farting, you can bear it only if it is yours!”

• Passive smelling of a Fart is more dangerous than Active Smelling.

• The person who does it is always the first one to escape from the scene and blame others for doing it.


• Government Intervention- It should be in the political agenda of the ruling party to pass a bill for creating a “No Farting Zone”. For Ex. in Hospitals, Perfume Shops, etc.

• Breathing in and breathing out is a good practice but from the same gateway!

          At last I put my humble condolence to all those people who have been a victim of being passive smellers. I also forgive all those people who have in all their capacities contributed their share of hot gases towards increasing the Global Warming. In any case to purrr is human!